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Web And Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Our experts develop various types of applications including games, business, applications, social network applications and so on. We ensure to meet all your expectations within the allotted time frames with results. Our developers always stay updated with the market trend and can design applications that meet the customer needs. At Employdemy, we use the latest methods in the industry for application development. We pay minor attention to the architecture and design along with usability for making applications work instinctively. Our clients always love working with us due to our creativity and high performance while working for them. We promise your handshake with us will help you get instant return on investments. We have developed a wide range of applications with unique features for all the prominent mobile platforms. Our team ensures that the applications developed help you reach your goals based on our years of experience.

Web Application

Today, businesses have understood the path to success is only being present on the internet. Using web technologies, businesses can automate their internal and external business processes. This further helps in decreasing the non-production costs and make business management easy. Employdemy offers a complete set of web development by elaborating specifications at the start and continuing to delegating a complete functioning project along with its added support.
Our expertise is in the below areas:

  • Web design and development
  • Web services and web components development
  • Web applications development
  • Applications development for social networks
  • CQ5 (Adobe WCM) web sites development and migration
  • HTML5/CSS3 development
  • Open source solutions