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Employdemy and Adobe Audience Manager

Though it is difficult to know your customers and prospects but it’s surely worth to do so for you as well as them. This helps to promote and market your services in a better manner. If you don’t know anything about your customers’ interests or purchasing habits, you won’t be able to market effectively. Adobe Audience Manager helps to create audience segments by automatically tracking the activities of anonymous customers which help to enhance your market ability as they constantly offer their information. We make sure that you get more than you invest.

Adobe Audience Manager Services We Offer

Adjust to Any Data Source

Whether it is mailing list provider, CRM database, marketing automation platform or website and e-commerce platform, all provide valuable customer information that can improve your marketing efforts as well as grow sales. Our Adobe Audience Manager experts will help you to connect all your in-house customer data with Adobe partner and third-party data for sharing data easily and create extensive customer profiles.

Get Insights on Customer Journey

There are different parameters used in your marketing strategy and it is important to analyze them for better marketing results. Together the Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics enable you to find new elements and marketing tactics for growing your revenue. You get a consolidated view of your audience plan strategies for growth.

Know Your Audience in 360-Degree

Integration of Adobe Audience Manager is done by our team using any third-party data you use for customer data collection. The robust API of Adobe Audience Manager offers features that can be utilized quickly by blending it with the existing tools and services. Adobe Audience Manager when combined with Adobe Audience Marketplace enables you to get additional data for completing your customer profiles.